Irish SEO Training Courses by Pinguis Website Design Ireland

If your website can’t be found, it is only costing you money. We provide Search Engine Optimisation Training Course in all parts of Ireland. These are one to one or small group courses focused on making your website popular. Whether its more hits, customers, spreading the word or sales. Every website is designed for a reason and

a website on page two or lower is not good enough…

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Training help your website rank higher, make your website more visible

SEO is the only free way of getting your website listing higher in search engines like Google, Bing etc.  Of course nearly everybody has received a phone call or Email spam, offering to get you number 1 in the Google Natural listing or Organic listing.
NO company can guarantee.

Search Engine optimisation takes time and more importantly an understanding of the variables by which your website will be assessed.  With this in mind we have designed a course to teach you these variables  and give you an understanding of whats important.

Search engines do change the way they list frequently ‘to keep you on your toes!’ but having a sound understanding of all the variables and continually updating and managing will be worth the time and effort by you or your website designer, be it in Ireland or Afghanistan. Having a steady foundation to build on is crucial to success.

Course Objectives:

By the end of our course participants will have an understanding of:

  • Search Engines. How they work, What they are looking for.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – how to improve your website’s position with search engines)
  • The SEO changes since
  • Links strategy

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